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The Quest for Love Tour was established by the Duncan L. Wood Band in early 2019 and has quickly become a local hit.  Influenced by community, culture, faith, and the eclectic sounds of its members' varied musical tastes and experiences, the Duncan L. Wood Band performs songs that speak to people from all walks of life and across generations.  The band's musical styles include country, gospel, rock, blues, classical, and flamenco.


However, the Quest for Love Tour is more than a band or a concert tour.  Duncan, Herb, John, and Mark are devoted to bringing God's message of love to the world and doing so in a way that is both inspiring and relevant.  That is to say, the Quest for Love Tour is more than a musical event; it is a place to encounter God's presence, better understand God's grace, and seek God's love.  The band's motto is simple:  "Seeking God's heart of love through music."

The Quest for Love Tour is perfect for church or organizational events, festivals, weddings, reunions, anniversary parties, and other celebrations.  Bookings include everything from full-length concerts to shorter musical shows.  Contact the Duncan L. Wood Band for more information or to discuss your particular needs.

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